June 13, 2023

Internal Document Control/SQF Auditor

NEI relies upon an innovative, educated, experienced and well-organized staff to perform essential functions of the NEI program. A positive attitude, desire to work as efficiently as possible, attention to detail and excellent stakeholder-facing communication skills are required. The work is fast paced, demands quick thinking, solid decision making and changes rapidly. Document Control/SQF Auditor must make numerous far reaching decisions quickly and multitask without being overwhelmed. Continuous training and development are integral to this role as are flexibility and ability to engage with team as needed. This role holds leadership and reporting responsibilities.
April 24, 2023


Salesperson’s job is to meet sales goals by developing relationships with clients to acquire new business and networking within existing customers to retain and grow their business. A salesperson or account manager is passionate about their work and NEI, solution oriented and responsible for multiple client accounts.