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Ethical Consumerism


Human resource is the most important renewable resource and strongest asset of any company.  Staff Development and Accident Prevention programs help keep NEI’s greatest asset competent and performing to maximum potential.

Mother Earth

Continually improving manufacturing processes reduces the consumption of energy and raw materials which in turn increases profit. This, along with recycling, increases efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint of the company and guarantees future generations’ natural resource requirements will be met. This in turn reduces the environmental impact of operations while restoring the lands and habitats that we impact as we do business.

Insurance & Assurance

The business of our customers is important to us. Therefore, our corporate behavior offers this insurance as a pledge to our customers, “We will treat each customer as an individual with individual specifications for the product they purchase and the service that best benefits them.”  Our customers can be assured that our moral criterion is deeply rooted in service before and after the sale. NEI dedicates their time and attention to the details of our supply chain by requiring raw materials that are U.S. sourced and consistently available in order to supply our customers with product.

NEI Mission Statement

It is our commitment to exceed expectations and deliver a quality customized product at a competitive price.