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Natural Enrichment Industries was founded by Emily M. Kuzma in November, 2000. Located in the small Southern Illinois town of Sesser, Emily’s desire was to provide employment to the unstable economy of Southern Illinois as well as providing a healthy ingredient to consumers. Emily, along with her husband Bill, invested time and infused capital to build a growing manufacturing company. Starting with only five employees in 2000 and zero pounds of production of Tricalcium Phosphate the company grew to 28 employees and was manufacturing over 14,000,000 pounds of TCP in 2008.
In 2007, Emily purchased the former Orpack Stone manufacturing plant/warehouse in Herrin, Illinois, a mere 22 miles from the Sesser plant. Purchasing the 130,000 square feet Herrin facility allowed NEI room for expansion. The new plant provides 12 shipping and receiving docks, tanker loading facilities, and the capabilities to warehouse product for customers. NEI’s Herrin facility utilizes 75,000 square feet as a warehouse to provide customers the guarantee program of having material available when needed. After renovating the plant, building offices and painting the facility, the corporate offices and finishing line were moved to the Herrin facility in September, 2009. The facility in Sesser remains as the manufacturing plant. NEI continues to grow their production and employee base.