Pet Foods

Why would you want to use NEI’s TCP in YOUR Pet food?

NEI’s TriCalcium Phosphate (TCP) is 100% Food Grade. Research shows that because TriCalcium Phosphate is more bio-available than other types of Calcium supplements, it can be more effective in bone and tooth formation, strength and maintenance. TCP does not contain Bovine Constituents, recombinant DNA Hormones, or Antibiotics. NEI’s TCP is pH neutral and better supports digestive tract health.


Forming and Release Agent

How it works

  • As a salt to initiated thickening reaction
  • A flow agent- reduces friction to reduce production costs
  • As calcium and phosphorus fortification
  • As a dusting or release agent in kibble production

Calcium and Phosphorus Fortification

How it works

  • Demonstrated better bioavailability and pH balance
  • A superior Calcium and Phosphorus fortification
  • Performs more than one function- flow agent and fortification with only 1 product

Tooth Polish

How it works

  • Abrasive qualities from larger particle sizes
  • Nearly identical to tooth composition, acts as a fortification