TCP photo- electron microscope

Ceramic, Refractory and Bio Ceramics

Why would you use NEI’s TCP in your Ceramic Products? Our Consistency will simplify your mixing, blending and formulation process. You can rely on our TCP to be withing your chemical range needs every time. Ceramic materials are employed in the ceramic industry to make glazes, bodies, engobes and refractories.


Bone China

How it works

  • Imparts Opalescence
  • Cooling agent
  • As a substitute for bone ash

Bio Ceramics

How it works

  • Calcium phosphate ceramics which are known as bioceramics are widely used as components of implants for teeth and bone restoration
  • As a scaffold in prosthetics
  • Hydroxyapatite can be used as material to produce bio-inspired ceramic materials
  • Other ceramic application include composite materials


How it works

  • Heat resistance
  • Flow agent
  • Glazes