Plant Based Foods

Why would you use NEI’s TCP in your Plant Based Products?

Because with Tribasic from NEI, you have a 100% guarantee that our products do not contain Bovine constituents, no Recombinant DNA and NO GMOs. Our TCP is perfect for your plant based food!


Plant based Milk

How it works

  • Flow agent
  • Calcuim and Phosphorus Fortification
  • Improves mouth feel
  • Clouding Agent

Plant Based Meat Alternatives

How plant-based meat is made from IFT

How it works

  • Binding and testurizing agent
  • Calcium and Phosphorus Fortification
  • Leavening Agent
  • Anti-Caking agent
  • Texture: Hydroxyapatite helps in the precipitation and modification of protein behavior. Allowing desirable mouthfeel traits to be produced.
  • Coloration: Hydroxyapatite can be useful in altering the color properties of some materials whitening them. This may be aesthetically pleasing for some applications
  • Fat Sources: Hydroxyapatite may be of use in helping prevent oil oxidation which should keep the fats from burning at higher temperatures

Low Carb Snacks

How it works

  • As a salt to initiated thickening reaction"
  • Sodium reduction
  • As Calcium and Phosphorus fortificaton
  • As a dusting or forming agent
  • Flow agent