Why use NEI’s TCP in beverages?

Because it is nearly insoluble in water, TCP acts to improve “mouthfeel” while performing other functions in your dry drink mixes or liquids.
Are you looking for Calcium and Phosphorus fortification, pH adjustment, flux or opalescence in low fat products?
As a single ingredient, TCP adjusts these aspects while keeping your label cleaner without adding salt.


Powdered Drink Mixes

How it works

  • Calcuim and Phosphorus Fortification
  • Anti-caking or fluxing agent
  • Can reduce added salt

Fruit Juices

How it works

  • Acidity regulator
  • Calcium and Phosphorus Mineral Fortification
  • Improved mouthfeel

Non-Dairy "Milk" Beverages

How it works

  • Opalescence and clouding in low fat foods
  • Calcium and phosphorus mineral fortification
  • Anti-caking or fluxing agent
  • Emulsifier adds smoothness
  • Protein suspension stabilizer

Supplement Drinks

How it works

  • Calcium and phosphorus mineral fortification
  • Smoothness and improved mouthfeel
  • Buffer or pH regulator
  • Improved workability of powdered drink mixes