Why use NEI’s TCP in your baked goods?

For Calcium Fortification, Consistency and the Confidence that comes with knowing where and how your ingredients are being made.


Flour and Bulk Dry Powder

How it works

  • Flow agent- reduces caking, clogs, clean outs, and down time.
    saves energy with less friction.
  • Calcuim and Phosphorus Fortification
  • Whitening Agent to replace Titanium Dioxide


How it works

  • Anti-caking Agent
  • Flow Agent
  • Calcium and Phosphorus Fortification
  • Leavening Agent
  • Desiccant

Cake Mix

How it works

  • Leaving agent for fluffy texture
  • Emulsifier for smoothly combining fatty ingredients
  • Anti-caking for consistency

Cookie Mix

How it works

  • Calcium and Phosphorus Fortification
  • Anti-caking agent for smooth consistency
  • Acidity regulator balances ingredients